The history of the Evergreen Group began with the formation of Evergreen Marine Corp. by Dr. Y.F. Chang on September 1, 1968. He started shipping operations with a single 15-year-old general cargo vessel named Ever Trust. The company grew at a tremendous rate and by 1985 it had become the world's largest container ship operator.
For more than 50 years, the Evergreen Group has diversified its business interests with land and air transportation operations and an international chain of hotels. EVA Air, which made its maiden flight on July 1, 1991, is Taiwan's first and only privately owned international airline.
In parallel, the Evergreen Group founded Evergreen Hotels in 1993, which operates five-star properties throughout Taiwan and in key locations overseas.
From air travel and sea freight to ground haulage and hotels, the Evergreen brand is strongly associated with safety, reliability and high-quality services. The Evergreen Group has won the hearts of customers in every part of the world.
Dr. Chang believed that "one ought to accumulate merit and do good deeds throughout one’s life." With corporate social responsibility in mind, he founded the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation in 1985 and the Chang Fung-Fa Charity Foundation in 1996. He also established the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra and Evergreen Maritime Museum and launched Morals magazine. He pursued charity work with as much passion as he did his business enterprise, setting a fine example for others to follow. The two foundations coordinate and manage the charitable activities of Evergreen Group affiliates, giving back to society in practical ways — by arranging emergency and long-term medical care, providing disaster relief, financial aid and scholarships, and funding cultural and arts events.